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Tour Posters

We have few actual tour posters. These advertise the entire tour and are generally displayed in record shops or other places where exposure levels are high.

This one was fairly easy to find back in the old days, but as with just about everything older, it's not so easy to find now. These 14" x 22" posters were pinned up in every record store across the US to advertise the band's first US tour in 1980. For you trivia buffs, this tour was also known as the "Gung Ho Tour Of North America". How do I know this? It says so right on the poster in that small print that you can't read here!

These were used to promote the US Learning To Crawl (1984) tour. The Alarm (seen in the background), opened for most of the Winter dates. It's a pretty cool poster and, like a lot of stuff from the Learning To Crawl era, still pretty easily obtained.
18" x 28"

Talk about attack of the 50-foot woman! A behemoth 50" x 74" poster advertising the UK Get Close tour of 1987.

While we waited for the Pretenders to take the stage at the June 30, 1998 Richmond, Virginia show, we noticed people walking in carrying this poster. We figured it had been added to the merchandise for sale and decided (like we had a choice?) to wait until after the Pretenders were done with their set to get ours. Turns out they weren't being sold; a local radio station had been handing them out. Then they jumped ship so that by the time we got out there, there was nothing left and no radio station people anywhere. We'd seen someone working security holding one and asked where they had been handed out, hoping to find any signs of life in the area, but after coming back empty-handed, the nice security guy handed the one he had to Taunia. It doesn't list the radio station or venue, just the WB record company web site and The B-52's site. Under the Pretenders picture it says, "'THE SINGLES' The greatest hits album, in stores now. Look for a NEW ALBUM late '98." Hey, you don't have to tell me twice. 11" x 17"

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