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Miscellaneous Posters

We have heaps of posters and will be digging through them to photograph each one for scanning. For now, here are a few miscellaneous ones (that were small enough to be scanned in pieces and assembled).

Lord, I can't even begin to describe the colour of this eyesore! The scanner doesn't do it justice - it's fluorescent green. I think someone at the US Festival was selling these... or I may have bought it later at a record shop. I do remember that they had other bright colours (pink and orange maybe) for the other days of the festival. I didn't buy all of them, just the one with the Pretenders on it.
10" x 14"

Obviously a radio station promo item... maybe WAQX in Syracuse gave out Creem rock calendars monthly? 12½" x 20"

This hideous little junky item was mass produced and sold everywhere (Spencer's, Tower Records), shrink wrapped with a piece of cardboard. We have a few sealed copies, but this was my original one and when the plastic got a rip in it, I tore it all off and stuck the poster on my wall. I've never liked this picture and it seems like if they weren't using the other horrible picture (see the Stickers page), they used this blobby one. The show they are celebrating here is the September 1, 1984 Greek Theater in Berkeley, CA. I went to that one - it was one of the best I've seen!
12 ¾" x 20"

The wonderfully cool people at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco had these posters made and handed them out as the audience left the building in 1994. Being from San Jose, as a teenager I saw loads of bands at the Warfield and have many fond memories of it. I was sad to see that the pictures of bands that played there had been removed. I used to love gawking at the photo of the Pretenders on stage in 1981.

Yes, that is Hynde's eyeball there in the center, slightly larger than life as the poster is 12-3/4" x 19". There are also various planets and spacey things as well as the big cat (a leopard?). Martin went over the meaning of it all for us after the show, "This represents outer space. This represents animal rights. This is Chrissie's eye." Now we know.

We found this cheesy old-style reproduction poster in a record shop in New York City (it was when we ventured out to see the Pretenders two acoustic shows at Symphony Space in 1995). It's badly printed and half the people listed weren't even at the show, but avid collectors aren't known for their selectiveness...
14" x 22"

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