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What's more cool than getting a set list as a keepsake from a show? Getting a guitar pick, drumstick, or harmonica, that's what! Not everything here is from a show, you can find these goodies in many places...

A friend (the guy who gave me the gig posters) sent this pick to me. It was from the fan club.

Taunia brought flowers to the April 6, 1984 show at Music Hall in Cleveland and handed them to Chrissie between songs. She was surprised to find Hynde's harmonica in her hand where the flowers had been.

Boy, do I have a story to go with this little item (see the LB saga in the Fan Pages). For now, let's just say that Chrissie went to waaaaay too much trouble to make sure I got her guitar pick. From Fresno, Sept. 2, 1984.

Lord only knows Chrissie tried to give us guitar picks at the '94 show at the Agora in Cleveland. She threw loads of them to us, but for some reason I was never really paying attention. I'd look up and think, "damn, there goes another one..." What can I say? I'm getting old and slow... The only thing we did snag on that tour (and at that same show) was this piece of Martin's drumstick. Denise Taylor (be sure to see her contribution to the Fan Pages) got the other piece.


This little set of picks has a story that will continue down the page... The June 26, 1998 show at the Mann Center in Philly was cancelled due to a power outage caused by a massive storm. We'd raced there from Darien, New York where we'd seen the band the previous day. Taunia and I went off to sulk and try to recover from the drive and lack of sleep.

Dark Pink

Adam and Andy and Martin came out to talk to the fans who had gathered. Adam handed out photos of the band, which he and Andy signed.


We returned from our walk to discover that we'd missed talking to the guys, and, after hanging around for a little while, went off to sulk some more. The folks at the Mann were still unsure if the show was going to take place. It wasn't, then it was! But then it wasn't again...


As we returned from our second walk around the grounds, we saw Andy and a friend of ours, Karen de, walking towards us. She'd mentioned to him that we were there (we'd have missed him again as we weren't even standing where the action was!).

Dark Brown

We talked to Andy for a while. Then we heard, "The show's back on again!" and turned to see Adam walking toward us, laughing. There was that split second of hope after seeing the source of those words, but it was just a cruel joke. Funny as hell, but cruel!


Adam apologized for not having any more photos and pulled out a handful of guitar picks and said to go ahead and choose whichever one I wanted! He turned them over to show me both sides, and pointed out the one he really liked, the raspberry coloured one (they scanned dark but actually are raspberry coloured).


Was this another cruel joke? I couldn't choose! Which one? Which would you take home, given the choice? Umm... Finally he put half of them into my hand and the rest in Taunia's hand saying, "There, now you have the whole set!" (It's wasn't quite, but who's going to argue?!)



At the end of the next show after Philly - Richmond, Virginia - Adam threw out a handful of picks. We weren't close enough to catch one, but scavengers that we are, found this black one on the ground later.


Back to that "whole set"... Karen de and her friend, Debbie, kindly donated to the Archives their two picks that were different from the ones we had.


And there are still some missing from the set! Someday, we hope to add light purple, light green, and light blue - all with white print.

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