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The collector is a breed apart, a hopeless hoarder misunderstood by those who are free of the curse. Do you really need a copy of the same song from every country? What will you do with a press kit or tape divider? Where are you going to keep all those posters (photos, magazines, t-shirts)? Why must you capture and keep every word that escapes the band members’ lips and goes into print? And when are you going to grow up? To which we can only reply: You either get it or you don’t. We are doomed to a life of self-imposed poverty because of our addiction, but we rejoice in the euphoria of a successful shopping day. To paraphrase Erasmus: “When we get a little money, we buy Pretenders stuff; and if any is left, we buy food and clothes.”

So here’s some of that stuff, gathered up over the last couple of decades. If you love the Pretenders and are a collector, we hope you find this to be useful in your quest. If you don't collect, we hope you at least find this list amusing ("Look at all that... junk they have!”).

And the scary part is, there's so much more...

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