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The Pretenders
UK 1980 Omnibus Press
ISBN 0 86001 802 4

A speedy lesson in the original lineup, Miles takes you through everyone's past very quickly and touches on some of the highlights of their early career. The pictures, now nearly all 20 years old, give you a great feel for what the band was like back then. This was the first Pretenders book and, unlike those that came later, is not a slick presentation. Its "New Wave" design was very appealing at the time, but seems silly now. Will the mysterious inclusion of the picture on page 47 ever be resolved?

The Pretenders
(Chris Salewicz)
US 1982 Proteus Publishing Co
ISBN 0 86276 023 2

This book gets deep into the band. Chris Salewicz thoroughly guides you through the making of the band by way of Chrissie's past. It does concentrate on Hynde's history more than anyone else's, but manages to tie it all together so that you can feel the pulse of the band, not one person. This book is highly recommended for anyone who wants to gain insight, not just read a story.

The Pretenders
(Ian Tharper)
US 1985 Ballantine Books
ISBN 0-345-32237-1

This little grocery store book (it was!) seems to have been published to make a quick buck for someone. It has a boring little story line that could have been written by any unremarkable individual ("The love that Pete Farndon and Chrissie had for each other was to drive them, drive them passionately in their quest for the band they knew awaited them." Oh please - that's just stomach turning.) A better bet would be the Harlequin Romance novel that was sold alongside this one although they may have had the same writer....

The Pretenders with Hyndesight
(Mike Wrenn)
UK 1989 Omnibus Press
ISBN 0-7119-1772-8

It's slick, it's glossy, it's a collection of quotes from magazines from the previous 10 years. Great pictures, stupid captions. The title is a bit of a mixed blessing considering the previous titles of Pretenders books... you cheer at the inclusion of a new word, but did it have to be the relentless and unclever "Hyndesight"?

The Pretenders
(Eduardo Guillot)
Spain 1995 Midons Editorial S. L.
ISBN 84-89240-00-0

Written in Spanish. Includes lyrics to a few songs in English as well as Spanish, and a Discography.

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