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Akron Beacon Journal / April 5, 1984

By Mark Faris

Rock stars have just about everything. They have more friends than they've even met. They ride in limos. They eat what they want, they wear what they want, they spend what they want.

They don't want for hardly anything.

But that doesn't mean they can't be impressed.

Take Chrissie Hynde for example.

As leader of The Pretenders, the British rock 'n' roll band that'll be performing before capacity crowds tonight and Friday in Cleveland's Music Hall, the '69 Firestone High graduate is being called the most important female in rock music today.

Better yet, some are even mentioning her name in the same breath with Sinatra, Presley, Garland and Bowie.

Nevertheless, as heady as all this may seem, the great Pretender remains relatively unimpressed and unpretentious so to speak.

It takes more than all that to impress Chris.

What it takes is a surprise backstage visit from Linda Gray, the lovely but troubled Sue Ellen Ewing of TV's Dallas.

And that's just what she got following a recent performance.

According to friends, Chris could barely believe her eyes.

She was really impressed, they said, really thrilled, even more so than when Morgan Fairchild and John McEnroe dropped by to say hi.

Those who'll be unable to see the Music Hall shows shouldn't feel too badly.

Even Chris' 84-year-old grandmother, Evelyn, who has yet to lay eyes on great-grandaughter Natalie Rae, may not be able to attend.

She may have to wait until summer, when Chris and the band reportedly will pay a visit to Blossom Music Center.

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