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Our generous contributors...

We need help (and no comments from the peanut gallery!). By alerting us to mentions of the band in newspapers or magazines, on tv or radio (and grabbing and saving them for us - those local fliers and newspaper clippings are priceless!)... refilling the always-needed, quickly depleted supply of blank CDs, audio and videotapes... giving the Archives all kinds of great stuff, from live shows to photos to passes, to magazines, to posters... and good-naturedly tolerating LB browbeating them into buying us Pretenders items for birthdays and Christmas (thanks, Dad!)... these folks have shown their support for the Archives and put us in their debt.
We couldn't do it without help so we'd like to acknowledge this generosity with a big THANK YOU! to:

Louise Allen -- Nina Antonia -- Roger & Michelle Armstrong -- Jeremy Ashcroft -- Joann Ball -- Crystal & Scott Beaufort -- John Becker -- Russell Benton -- Crystal Burrous -- Geneva Carlton -- Kevin Caulfield -- Alison Chaiken -- Stacey Combs -- Alyssa Cooper -- Marlene Corey -- Rob Cream -- Jib Croft -- Aaron Daniels -- Kathleen Dean -- Karen & Michael DeAngelis -- Jerry Elmas -- Theresa & Phil Evans -- Loretta & Darryl Fieldman -- Tom Francy -- Jill Furmanovsky -- Simon Gadd -- Heather Gallas -- Tom Gawler -- Eleni Golemi -- Gooch -- Melissa Hammond -- Anne Hickman -- Robert Higgins -- Jamie Hurley -- Chrissie Hynde -- Kristi Jacobson -- Robert Kacsich -- Malc Leary -- Jennifer Leffel -- Carrie Lindsey -- Willy Malleris -- Mandy Wheeler -- Robert Matheu -- Shannon Mcgoey -- Sandy Motyl -- George Naumczik -- Toshiaki Nomura -- Tim O'Laughlin -- Brian O'Rourke -- Val Paese -- Nancy Ploeger -- Adam Seymour -- Cindi Shotwell -- Dr Scott Snyder -- Jim Spellman -- Richard Starbuck -- Tarkus -- Hillary Taylor -- Kim Taylor -- Pete Van Valkenburgh -- Andreas Volkert -- Debby Wuest -- Randall Young

Thanks again, guys!


It's easy, if you're so inclined...

BUY MUSIC: If you buy CDs online, get them through the CDUniverse link on our website. We earn credit for purchases made through our site, which we then apply towards the purchase of all that solo Chrissie stuff that we don't really want to have to buy, but which must be obtained for the Archive.

NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS: If the band is touring and you see an ad/pre-show write-up/show review in the newspaper - send us a photocopy! Or grab another paper and send us the page! Please! We will be so happy to reimburse you for the paper and postage, or send you something cool like a live show in return. And dig through that box in the closet - copies of clippings past or present are like gold to us.

MAGAZINE ARTICLES: We try but can't always get our hands on all Pretenders articles that are published in magazines. If you've got one that you're going to trash, ring us up... we might be able to use it. And again, we will be very happy to reimburse you or swap you back for something.

Feel free to use your imagination... we're not proud, and will take pretty much anything you've got.