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About The Archives...

Are you very superficial? Hate anything official? Never fear, you'll still have fun here.

What makes us "The Archives"? Hmm. Well... not only have we been feverishly collecting every scrap of anything related to the band for a grand total of 35 years between the two of us, but we're also happy to share our knowledge of the band's history, as well as tips about collecting. Most of what we know about the history of the band comes from remembering when it happened: Reading about it in the then-new issue of Rolling Stone or Creem Magazine. Watching it on MTV news breaks. Going to the live shows.

What you see here is what we have gathered so far, not everything from every country that's ever been released (but we're trying!). This is what we have found and purchased, or been given by fans who share our passion for the band and friends who have generously contributed to the archive.

Somewhere along the line, we've changed the way we look at this collection - from it being "our own" to a feeling that it belongs to all fans, and that we are just the keepers of it for now. I think this is what makes us "The Archives."

We hope that someday we'll be able to invite fans to visit an actual, physical Pretenders Archive. So of course we're delighted to be able to display our Pretenders collection on a website - it's a way to bring everything we have to the entire world, right now (and a better deal for the folks who aren't planning a trek to Akron!).

Now no more blabbing about us - back to the Pretenders!

LB & Taunia
aka "The Pretenders Archives"